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Privacy Policy

At NWC Computers we take your right to privacy very seriously, and as such we do not collect any information about you while you are browsing our site, however we believe it only fair that we make you aware of the following:

Cookies: In order to provide the free information in this site, we have placed advertisements at key locations on the web pages you view. The advertisers themselves are likely to use cookies to ensure that any business generated from clicking the advertisements is correctly attributed to NWC Computers. Once you leave the NWC website for any other site you will be governed by the cookie and privacy policies of that site. We also use a website analysis service called ‘Statcounter’ this helps us to see which areas of our site are most popular, and helps us to improve those areas for our visitors.

Whilst we believe that these cookies are completely harmless, it is important to be honest with our visitors and explain what is being tracked – if you are worried at all about cookies impinging on your privacy we recommend you use a cookie blocking extension for your browser.

Social Networking:  We have included social networking buttons on this site so that our visitors can recommend pages that they find interesting to ther social networks. If you browse this site while you are logged in to any of the social networking services we support, it MAY be possible for that service to track which pages you visit. again, if this is a concern to you please log out of the service before browsing this site.

Email Addresses: If you provide us with your email address to subscribe to our monthly email newsletter then we guarantee that we will not pass your email address onto any one else. The only exception to this is that we will pass your email address on to Mailchimp who are the company that provide our newsletter service. When you sign up for the newsletter you will have the oppotunity to view the Mailchimp privacy policy before committing your email address to them.