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MS Office

Office is Microsofts flagship office productivity package, and is the de-facto application for almost every business in the country. The package is divided into five main areas:

  • Access – Database creation and maintenance package.
  • Excel – Spreadsheet and number crunching package.
  • Outlook – E-mail and PIM package.
  • PowerPoint – Visual presentation creation tool.
  • Word – Word processing and simple DTP package.

Click on the appropriate menu option above (depending on your version of Microsoft Office) to see a complete range of ‘get you going’ tutorials.

We can also offer tailor made training solutions for all the above packages as well as bespoke solutions based on the entire Microsoft Office suite. If you need a Database, Spreadsheet or other custom application for your home or business, by harnessing the in-built power of the Microsoft Office suite we can combine the various elements of Office to create your custom solution at a very reasonable cost.

If you have a question you want to ask us, or an idea for an article or tutorial that you would like us to write then please use the form on our contact page and we will endeavour to fulfill your request.

For users with a touch screen device, the menu system may be difficult to use – Please use the text links below to the version of Office you are interested in.

Office 2003      –      Office 2007 / 2010