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Creation Process

StratagyOur creation process is a simple, but also proven method to ensure that we are able to bring your website project to completion on time, and on budget with the minimum amount of fuss and hassle for everyone involved.

The creation process can be broken down into eight distinct stages.

    1. An initial meeting (in person, by telephone, via Skype, or by email) so that we can discuss the requirements and features for your website and also get an indication of any design requirements you may have with regard to layouts, colours etc. At this stage we will draw up a detailed proposal, listing the things we will do to create your site, and provide a detailed quotation for cost, along with payment milestones.
    2. Web domain and hosting purchase – the first task to complete is the purchasing of the domain name and some associated hosting, for the majority of small businesses we suggest that you purchase a combined hosting and domain name package from one of the major players in the hosting business. As deals and features are constantly evolving, we will check out the best options at the time, and advise you about which host and package would best suit your needs. To keep things simple we usually suggest to our clients that they purchase the domain and hosting themselves, and pass the login details for their website to us so that we can administer the site. This is because the purchaser of the site will be the registered owner, so is best registered in the clients name. Note – Domain name and hosting fees are NOT included in the price of any quote we provide for Web Design and construction services.
    3. Hosting set-up and software installation РOnce the domain and hosting has been purchased and we have the log in details we can begin to set-up the databases required to hold your data, as well as install the Wordpress platform itself, along with any plug-ins needed provide functionality. Once the WordPress platform is up and running we will provide you with a web url that you able to use to check on the development of your site.
    4. Installation and creation of your bespoke website theme with any necessary modifications and customisations as agreed in the initial development proposal. At this point the page structure for your site will be created, and dummy data will be entered in to the pages
    5. Creation / insertion of the content for the pages in your site – at this stage we will create the specific content required for each page of your site. If you specific content you wish to use from other sources such as Brochures, leaflets, other on-line sources etc. we will then request that you supply them to us at this point so that they can be inserted in to the appropriate pages. If you are creating content yourself then it is at this point that we will need that content to be supplied to us.
    6. Final design and layout tweaks to fix any any minor issues that may occur upon entering of the finalised content.
    7. Launch of website to the public, and handover of all necessary administration password to the client.
    8. (If requested) Training for the client in the procedures required for them to make changes to the content and structure of the website

We are confident that these steps will ensure a smooth and successful project development and launch for everyone involved, but we are also aware that unforeseen difficulties can sometimes occur. It is our policy to contact the client immediately should something unexpected crop up and discuss possible solutions with them before proceeding.

At NWC Web Design we want or clients to fully understand that the websites we produce are completely their property and should there be anything that they are unhappy with at any point we will be pleased to change it. Our goal is nothing less than 100% client satisfaction.